Different Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

Everyone is always asking about monetizing the podcast at different points of the show’s life, so I decided to do some brainstorming on camera of different methods you could use. I discuss using sponsor ads, Adsense, merchandise, and even banner ads on your website.

Many times, people just don’t know where to start so hopefully this will help them think about different ways to pay the bills for their podcast episode. To read the article check out http://www.ampodcastnetwork.com/monetizing-podcast-right-way/

I also included my daughters pink pillow to spice up the video and add contrast. Enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment!


13 thoughts on “Different Ways to Monetize Your Podcast”

  1. Hi there, thanks so much. I am just thinking about my podcast/ or podcasts. Not sure about what to call it. How does one go about a name that's catchy?

  2. Hey Adam, great vid! Thank's for taking the time out. You seem super sincere. I'm for SURE reaching out to you once I'm set up. Waiting for cyber monday to complete my our purchase. Any direct way to contact you?

  3. Hello! I really liked your video you really are a nice person sharing this to help people. I have a podcast about horoscopes and I receive houndreds of downloads but I don't have a lot of suscribers. Can I monetize my ivoox? I have adsense with youtube but I don't know what to do with Ivoox. I apreciate any advice please, I'm unemployed and I want to make money to improve my skills and create my own business. I always thought about customize t-shirts I enjoy being creative. Thanks a lot.

  4. I am a author and new to podcasting any suggestions on how to go from twitter and facebook to my own podcast I have considered blogtalk radio and creating my own website and seeing just how to get my message and voice out there

  5. Hey Adam, thanks so much for giving back to the podcast community with this video. I have followed you on Twitter and asked if you could review our show. My Instagram has over 120,000 real followers with whom I've gained the trust of over the past two years. Please check out our latest podcast episode over at our website Epiccomicast.com! Would love to talk with you and discuss options at this point. We are nearing the 10,000 downloads monthly summit and need a little more direction on how we can monetize/provide our audience with something that will bring additional value to their lives. If you would like to check out my Instagram the tag is Epiccomicpics. The show itself has an IG of it's own called Epiccomicast which has 14,000. Thanks Adam! Looking forward to hearing from you. ~ Tony Contreras

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