Exactly how I make $30,000 per month on social media | Boss babe episode 12

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How to make a living on Youtube & social media: Boss Babe Ep #12
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28 thoughts on “Exactly how I make $30,000 per month on social media | Boss babe episode 12”

  1. Thank you soooo much for sharingg… Your words motivates me to produce my own money starting from now eventhough I'm still quite youngg… Thanks soo much for your generosity… I really appreciate it!

  2. Hi Jordan my name is Lekenya I’m 15 years old and I just found your YouTube channel and I seen a video of you talking about how you made money on social media and I was reaching out because I always wanted to make money off of social media (like Facebook and Instagram) but the thing is I don’t have enough followers to do so….so I was hoping that you wouldn’t mind helping me that would really mean a lot to me❤️

  3. Im officially a single mom now, and I've been one for 6 mobths now. I moving into my own place, and I'm panicking over finances. I need help speaking wealth and abundance into my life. I barely make 2,000 a month

  4. I actually discovered your channel through the video that you made about learning Spanish the re-discovered it through the 20k YouTube video and subscribed and I love that at 1/2 a mil you still engage with your subscribers. That is amazing. <3 you!

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