Operational Excellence: Driving a Competitive Strategy for Your Business

Operational Excellence is a state of readiness attained as the efforts throughout the enterprise reach a state of alignment for pursuing its strategies. A definition of operational excellence clearly states the unique value, you bring to the marketplace and to the customers.

To triumph in a marketplace, businesses need to embrace a competitive strategy. How can define this strategy with operational excellence? This is a great challenge for those who are already in competition and more challenging for those who are new to the competitive world. Well, the solution for both the cases are same, but what matters the most, is the way they implement such strategy.

Going through the competitive strategy, this implies that seeing Operational excellence aims to accomplish cost leadership. It is ideal for markets where customers value cost over a choice.

How Effective is Operational Excellence in a Competitive World?

Focusing on automating manufacturing processes and work processes can help streamlining operations and reducing costs. This strategy is so effectual that it lends itself to transaction-oriented and standardized production with little need of much differentiation.

Leaders in the area of operational excellence are sturdily centralized with a standardized discipline and rule-based operation. By measuring the concert of key processes and benchmarking costs, an organization can easily enhance its revenue and growth value. Comprised of an integral part of companies’ operations, they relentlessly seek to streamline their procedures in order to eradicate errors.

Understanding its disciplines that are cultivated in a volume-oriented business model has resulted in marking their remarks positively. Companies like Southwest Airlines, IKEA, Wal-Mart, FedEx, and McDonald’s are one of those pursuing this competitive strategy. However, you are familiar with the results.

When taking operational excellence as a competitive strategy, the most aesthetical thing that happens is building corporate disciplines. You can understand it clearly with the following that include leadership as a strategic priority.

  • Teamwork
  • Marketing
  • Talent Management
  • Research Portfolio Management
  • Product Management

With the help of these, one can easily recognize excellence in terms of creativity, solution finding, and unity. Moreover, these facts are crucial to a business success. Experiencing and implementing such things in an organization can help you in mastering collaboration and knowledge management in a fruitful way.

Focusing on every customer and ensuring whether his or her need is fulfilled is also a great example set for leadership quality management.

Customer Engagement through Operational Excellence

The story doesn’t end here that your firm has all that things, your customers are looking forward to. It begins from there. Personalization of service and customization of products are the two basic customer needs when it comes to customer intimacy strategy. This strategy provides the reliable solutions that are regarded as “good enough.”

By focusing on the needs of an individual customer, one should clearly understand that true customer intimacy can align the product enhancement, administrative procedures, and executive hub. Modifying the companies’ systems and strategies as per clients’ needs and demands, helps them learn to survive in a competitive world.

Operational excellence as a Way of Gaining Competitive Advantage

An ability to provide greater value to your customer by doing something very effectively more than an antagonism is one of the features of a competitive advantage. This is useful for newbie. How can you use process excellence as the foundation? A business demands many things and in return, revenues are on the boom if fulfilled them amazingly.

But, in between fulfilling of business demands to getting profits, a major thing to concentrate is customer engagement. Your business should not lack in any case when it comes to offering services to consumers. Whether your business is small or large, a customer is the king while you focus on boosting revenue growth. Remember, more the targeted audience, higher the profits.

Not only this, companies with operational excellence operate hassle-free services with reasonable prices. As discussed above Wal-Mart are the great examples having Operational excellence as a strategic priority. They create out-of-the-box thinking and innovative culture for high product leadership.

Measuring Progress with Operational Excellence

Achieving operational excellence is not as simple as drinking a glass of water. You need to recognize a situation where your organization actually feels its need. However, there are many firms that provide information how they come to know about the falling of the business and how they set it on time.

This is the one side of the story; the other page determines business growth in a remarkable way. That is how, leading indicators to operational excellence provide a window into the pace of improvement within your organization by ensuring whether that pace is sufficient to either build or sustain a competitive advantage.

An organization adopting operational excellence can easily answer the following questions-

  1. What is an addressable gap? How is it compatible with high-quality performance and financial value of closing the gap?
  2. How much value has been captured since last year from driving operational enhancements?
  3. How will you define operational maturity profile of the organization that is all set for industry standard best practices?
  4. What is the exact number of operational improvement initiatives undertaken by the organization? Briefly describe the status of each.

These were the general questions asked or faced by the organizations’ after practicing few months of applying new techniques. It is effectual for building and sustaining operational excellence. It is found that companies with a high balanced approach can help in improving methodologies. This further establishes the managing processes and governance model to certify that operational improvement gets the appropriate focus within the business form.

This is how an organization with Operational excellence recognizes clients with appropriate visibility into the nature and status of all improvement work. If you’re committed to achieving operational excellence but are challenged to build and sustain a meaningful competitive advantage, consider for building tactics that set suitable to your firm.

Creating a product or a service that is reliable to everyone helps you drive solutions and support business systems. If you are clear about your strategic priority, then you are marching towards your business goals in a triumph way.

Source by Vishal Garg

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