What Are WordPress Slugs? and How To Use Them

http://www.martinholsinger.com In this video I explain exactly what WordPress slugs are, and how they work.

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13 thoughts on “What Are WordPress Slugs? and How To Use Them”

  1. Very helpful, I need to know how can I show the specific product category on side bar. Like if someone open page for men section, it will show the side bar showing filter only for men category & sub categories.

  2. Great video great explanation would be good if you could have the camera facing you it would make it feel like you was interacting with us more

  3. Hello Martin I am having trouble gaining traffic on my WordPress blog. Right now I just have a free blog with a free theme. Is there a way to get more traffic for the low price of free no my free blog?

  4. Hi Martin, it is me again! Need to trouble you once more. May I know how I can add a hyperlink to the same wordpress page? For example, to save the viewer of the trouble of having to scroll to the bottom of the page to view the desired content, can I add a link at the top of the page so that when he click the link he can immediately go to the bottom of the page? Thanks so much for your kind assistance.

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